Chicki Pesola

Councillor Pesola, is a lifelong resident of Ignace. She is married and has three daughters and seven grandchildren.  Pesola’s children were fortunate to be raised in Ignace, as they say it takes a community to raise a child. Her children all moved on after receiving an excellent education in Ignace and have become successful in their careers. To her children, Ignace will always be special.

Pesola is currently in her ninth year of serving on town council which equates to two terms from 2010 to 2018 and one year in 2006 when she was called upon to fill a vacancy.

Councillor Pesola and her husband have been, and still are, entrepreneurs. They have owned and managed businesses for over 32 years.  Each year, the Pesola’s have tried to retire but the time just never seems right.

Presently, Cocuncillor Pesola serves on the Finance Committee, the Cemetery Committee, The Mary Berglund Community Health Centre and the Dryden Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Committee. She is a past member of KDSB, PACE, and The Dryden Regional Hospital Board.  What a privilege it has been to be a part of these boards; their dedication to serving our community has been awesome.

Councillor Pesola also volunteers one day a week at the Community Carousel. Her latest interest is the Community Garden, planting a garden for the first time will help evoke and maintain a sense of community spirt.

Councillor Pesola is happy to report that the future of Ignace is finally looking brighter. She is encouraged by the steps taken by this council to move Ignace forward. Just the plans to establish an efficient waste collection and recycling programs are exciting.  Ignace is a town with so much to offer - it has so much potential.

  • Councillor
    Chicki Pesola
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