Lee Kennard

Lee Kennard was first elected Mayor in 2010 and have served two consecutive terms since his initial appointment to Council.  Mayor Lee ran on a platform that placed the holistic development of the community as the uppermost priority. As Head of Council, Mayor Lee presides over all meetings of Council and ensures that the laws governing the Municipality are properly executed and obeyed.

Mayor Lee moved with his family from New Brunswick to Ignace 40 Years ago. Although having the option of relocating anywhere in Canada, he chose Ignace because of its economic stability, welcoming nature and the warmth of the people.

Mayor Lee began to lay down roots in the community by establishing a few businesses and went on to build an extensive portfolio of community involvement.  He spent more than 15 years giving back to the community in every way possible, from ploughing snow for the senior centre, to building the Town’s first public soccer field. His life’s work has been a continued commitment to building a healthy, strong and positive community.

Mayor Lee vows to bring the same innovative, entrepreneurial and community spirit and vision to engender business, employment opportunities and economic prosperity for Ignace.

  • Mayor
    Lee Kennard
  • Phone: 807-221-7880
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