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Starting a Business

Ignace is regarded as one of the best communities in Northwestern Ontario to establish a business. There is dedicated and committed staff on standby, eager and ready to work with you to start or expand a business in our vibrant and striving community. Commercial and residential tax rates are competitive, we are strategically and centrally located on Trans-Canada Highway with easy access to larger markets, competition for certain types of businesses is minimal or non-existence and there are two huge regional projects that are being proposed that will transform the community into a focal point for economic development in the North. Additionally, we have an extensive inventory of surplus properties for sale, inclusive of a 70-acre industrial park. But, do you know the most interesting thing about starting a business in Ignace? Township council and staff continue to foster and nurture a suitable business climate ensuring the success of all businesses. Council and staff have recently established a Community Improvement Plan with an innovative set of incentives and programs to help businesses.

The business opportunities in Ignace are diverse. Our newly completed Business Gap Analysis taking into consideration the community assets and features, identifies many opportunities for investors to consider. However, the opportunities are not limited to those identified within the Business Gap Analysis. We are happy to work with you one-on-on to ensure the full realization of your business goals.

To ensure all barriers to business development are eliminated, the Township is currently in the process of enacting business friendly zoning and land use polices. These will allow for commercial, industrial and residential type development to take place seamlessly within our community.

Helpful Links to Consider


Launched in 2005, BizPaL is jointly managed by a partnership involving governments at the federal, provincial, territorial and municipal levels. Provinces, territories and hundreds of municipalities have collaborated together to provide you with the permits and licences that may be required to start and grow your business.

Patricia Area Community Endeavours (PACE)

Patricia Area Community Endeavours Inc. (PACE) is a Community Futures Development Corporation committed to encouraging local community and economic development by assisting community groups and entrepreneurs.

PACE provides community groups and business owners with services designed to help them succeed. These services include:

  • Business advice, counseling, support and information.
  • Access to capital for small business.
  • Strategic community planning and development.
  • Regional community economic development.
  • Access to public and private funding for community organizations.

Ministry of Municipal Affairs

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is willing to work with local governments and partners across Ontario to build safe and strong urban and rural communities with dynamic local economies, abundant greenspace and a high quality of life.

Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

The Ministry of Northern Development and Mines advocates on behalf of Ontario’s northern region, as well as on behalf of the province’s minerals industry. We deliver government programs and services in Northern Ontario and represent the interests of our partners and stakeholders at Queen’s Park.