Animal Services

Animal Services

The Township of Ignace is a pet-friendly community and encourages all residents that own an animal to be aware of the Animal Control Protection and Enforcement By-Law (no. 59/2016) that regulates the keeping of animals within the Township.

General Information:

  • All dogs must be registered and licensed annually, no later than March 1st, or within fourteen (14) days of acquiring a dog at any later date.
  • Dog tags should be securely fixed to dogs and in clear display at all times, except when lawfully being used for hunting.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and under the control of some person when being walked in public.
  • No more than three (3) dogs can be kept on any residential, commercial or industrial property.
  • Owners are expected to pick up the excrement left by their dog on any property within the Township, including their own.

Dog Registration (Tag) Fees:

  • For each male dog (not neutered) - $ 50.00*
  • For each male dog (neutered) - $ 25.00
  • For each female dog (not spayed) - $ 50.00*
  • For each female dog (spayed) - $ 25.00
  • Replacement dog tags - $ 5.00

* The $ 25.00 fee applies if the owner can supply proof that he/she is a registered breeder.

Animal Clubs, Groups and Organizations

Northern Critters in Need is a charitable organization whose service reaches far beyond the Township and includes assisting and rescuing pets from surrounding communities and many Northern reserves as well as facilitating animal adoption processes.

122 Willow Place, PO Box 1023
Ignace, ON P0T 1T0.


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The Township of Ignace is home to an abundance of wildlife species, like moose, black bear, wolf, lynx, white-tailed deer, beaver and muskrat. While it is enjoyable to view these animals in their natural habitats, they can also pose a threat to residents’ safety when they get too close to populated areas and homes. Preventative measures such as not feeding wildlife, keeping garbage in sealed containers and/or ensuring that all food is kept indoors, averts the possibility of an undesirable occurrence or wildlife-human interactions.

Information on how to become bear wise can be found here.