Geocaching is a fun way to interact with other outdoor enthusiasts by finding their caches and exchanging objects or leaving a signature for the cache owner. All you need is some outdoor gear and a handheld GPS.


Ed and Amanda Lahaie have created a number of geocaches at interesting sites in and near Ignace.

Geocaching is a high-tech version of hide-and-seek that combines the thrill of scavenger hunts, the physical challenges of hiking or biking, and the fun of gift exchanges.

It shares many aspects with benchmarking, trig pointing, orienteering, treasure hunting, letterboxing, and way marketing.

All you need is a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit or other navigational techniques to find containers (called “geocaches” or “caches”), then sign the logbook and exchange small trinkets. With internet access you can visit websites that list geocaches hidden in the Ignace area - or throughout the region. A good website to start with is It's a great activity for families to enjoy together!

Geocaches within 70 km of Ignace ON

Description Coordinates UTM
Just Plane Cache N 49º 24.967 W 091º 39.556 15U E 597243 N 5474579
Agimak's Cache N 49º 24.943 W 091º 39.991 15U E 596718 N 5474525
Lilypad Lake Cache N 49º 24.177 W 091º 39.632 15U E 597177 N 5473113
W est Beach Cache N 49º 25.467 W 091º 41.382 15U E 595020 N 5475466
Towerhill Lookout Cache N 49º 24.264 W 091º 37.608 15U E 599622 N 5473319
4 Mile Pit Cache N 49º 22.286 W 091º 34.256 15U E 603744 N 5469729
Ignace (the return) N 49º 21.590 W 091º 32.439 15U E 605967 N 5468482
Gulliver's Travels N 49º 21.217 W 091º 31.423 15U E 607210 N 5467814
Raleigh Falls Cache N 49º 28.347 W 091º 56.272 15U E 576948 N 5480520
Jimmy's Castle N 49º 10.257 W 091º 54.540 15U E 579524 N 5447032
Sign on the dotted line N 49º 32.349 W 092º 06.651 15U E 564329 N 5487773
Revell River Rest N 49º 32.173 W 092º 08.136  15U E 562542 N 5487426
Lodge Lake N 49º 15.145 W 091º 06.823 15U E 637265 N 5457228
Bass Cache  N 48º 56.931 W 091º 47.084 15U E 588977 N 5422481
The hidden Bridge II N 49º 41.824 W 091º 03.660 15U E 639829 N 5506754
Reminiscing Huck and Jim N 48º 54.508 W 091º 32.412 15U E 606967 N 5418307
Jack Fish N 49º 37.148 W 092º 26.568 15U E 540247 N 5496434
Bull's Eye N 48º 51.810 W 091º 40.598 15U E 597057 N 5413126
Looking Back N 50º 01.304 W 091º 40.534 15U E 594813 N 5541887
Dinorwic Hill, The Sequel N 49º 41.767 W 092º 29.370  15U E 536816 N 5504969


Agimak’s Cache

  • Hint: Look below your knees

Tower Hill Lookout Cache

  • Hint: Eye Level

4 Mile Pit Cache

  • Hint: If you think you are getting hot, you might be rusty!

Gulliver’s Travels Cache

  • Hint: If you think you’re stumped, you might have nailed it

Raleigh Falls Cache

  • Hint: Look at the far east end of the loop, about 5m up from the yellow stake, LOOK UP