Experience the beauty of Ignace by water. As you canoe, enjoy the tranquility of our lakes and the natural surroundings that will surely take your breath away.

Prime canoeing locations, destinations and routes:

  • Canoe Gulliver River or Agimak River
  • Canoe to White Otter Castle
  • Rent a canoe at Sandbar Park to paddle in Sandbar Lake
  • At 160 km Sandbar-Press Lake canoe loop (9-12 days), you will be sure to see aboriginal rock paintings.
  • Canoe route 79 (4-5 days) takes you through some of the greatest fishing lakes in Northern Ontario.

Canoeing Water Safety Rules

  • Life jackets or personal floatation devices must be worn by all persons while on the water. Make sure yours fits well and it is fastened properly.
  • Always stay seated while in a boat or canoe.
  • If a thunderstorm or lightning approaches, leave the water immediately.
  • No “horseplay” in any water craft.
  • Weight and capacity restrictions on all water craft must be adhered to.
  • Fishing from pedal boats is prohibited.
  • Canoeing is recommended during daytime hours of operation only.