Awesome Fishing

Ignace undisputedly has some of the best fishing spots in all of Canada and the world. Within a short drive from the Township there are literally hundreds of lakes for angling. The variety of fish species found in our waters surpasses those in other well-known fishing destinations. The most popular species are: walleye, northern pike, lake trout, brook trout, smallmouth bass, lake whitefish, sauger, and yellow perch.

Nearby resorts specialize in a number of species and lakes as well as fishing trips and excursions that offer great opportunities for all kinds of fishing enthusiasts. Be sure to consult the Ontario Fishing Regulations available at the Ignace Ministry of Natural Resources office or online @  Fishing licenses can be purchased locally.

Below is a list of lakes where camps are located and the corresponding fish species found.

Agimak Lake is teeming with walleye, northern pike, bass, and perch. 

Arethusa is a popular surrounding lake close to Ignace that is filled with walleye, northern, lake trout, perch, smallmouth bass. Nearby camps include Rosseau’s Landing and Cobblestone Lodge.  

Cecil Lake is swarming with lake trout.

Dibble Lake has an abundance of walleye, northern, lake trout, perch and smallmouth bass. Its common for guests from other resorts like Rosseau’s Landing often venture into this surrounding lake for the daily catch.

English River is one of the top walleye destinations in Ontario along with northern pike, trout and smallmouth bass. Guests at Cozy Campground and Press Lake Camp can expect to catch high numbers of great eating size fish.

Indian Lake contains walleye, northern pike, lake trout, smallmouth bass, speckled trout, perch, and white fish. Both Agimac River Outfitters and Cobblestone Lodge are located at this lake, known as one of Ontario’s best kept secrets.

Kukukus Lake is a surrounding lake brimming with walleye, northern, lake trout, perch, smallmouth bass.

Mameigwess Lake is a neighboring lake to Indian Lake and has excellent trout fishing. Gummeson’s Camp is the only fishing and hunting resort situated on this lake.

Raleigh Lake has crystal clear waters ideal for trout fishing. Raleigh Lake Resort and Cobblestone Lodge both promise exciting fishing adventures for the avid fisherman/woman.

Sandbar Lake is an excellent choice for walleye and northern pike fishing. Rousseau’s Landing is located on this lake offering one of the finest fishing experiences in the region. 

Sturgeon Lake is brimming with northern pike, trout, and walleye. Bergmann’s Camp, Cobb Bay Lodge, Lumber Jack Lodge, Sac bay Lodge, Harris Bay Resort are all located along this lake.

Press Lake is among the many lakes that surround Ignace with a high population of walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass.

Notman Lake is connected to five lakes filled with walleye and northern pike. Whether its your first Canadian fishing trip or you are an experienced angler, the Breezy Point Camp will provide you with the trip you’re looking for.

10 Mile, Blueberry, Divided, Gary, Handcuff, Lake of Bays, Penassi, Richan, Six Mile, Sqaw are all remote lakes with an abundance of brook trout, lake trout, northern pike, splake, and walleye. Fishing trips are offered at Andy’s Greystone Camp and are accessible by ATV.