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  • Jeff Lederer
    President of the Ignace Area Business Association (IABA)
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Ignace Area Business Association (IABA)

The Ignace Area Business Association (IABA) was established in November 2009 with a focus on working with each other for the mutual benefit of our individual businesses as well as our community. The IABA meets once a month from September through to May, but due to the many seasonal businesses in the area, we take the summer to concentrate on running our own businesses. 


The overall purpose of this association is to promote the interests of all area businesses but more specifically to:

  1. encourage the use of the local businesses by residents and visitors, and by the larger business community,
  2. encourage the development of new business opportunities in the Ignace area,
  3. encourage partnerships between Ignace Area businesses and the Township and trade area, other cities in the region and relevant authorities,
  4. provide a forum to discuss issues of importance to members and to meet and exchange ideas,
  5. provide opportunities for professional development.


Any person who is engaged in a business, profession, within the Ignace area (Ignace post box) is eligible for membership and is entitled to only one vote.

Visit the IABA website for further information.