Ignace Town Hall

Ignace Youth Engagement Strategy

The Ignace Youth Engagement Strategy (“Strategy”) provides the Township of Ignace and NWMO with a roadmap for how to engage with youth in Ignace. The Strategy allows for collaboration and independent initiatives for youth engagement. At the outset of this process both the Township and the NWMO agreed that to be useful and successful, the Strategy should be led and informed by youth. The Youth Steering Committee (YSC) was created in November 2020 to represent a youth voice and to provide advice and input on the development of the Strategy.

This Strategy was developed with the YSC through a series of workshops, meetings, and engagement activities with Ignace youth. The resulting vision, goals, and strategies of the Strategy reflect the interests of Ignace youth, the YSC, the Township of Ignace and the NWMO. Wider community events were held to gather input from Ignace youth and a community survey was implemented to further advance understanding of priorities and how to implement the Strategy.

The Strategy includes an Implementation Plan that details the Actions needed for the near, mid and long-term. As the Strategy is implemented, monitoring and evaluation will help the Township, NWMO, and Youth to refine and adjust activities as needed. The Strategy is meant to be a living document that can be adapted as needed to best suit the needs of the community.

Read the full Ignace Youth Engagement Strategy report