The launch of Ignace's new Brand and Marketing plan has been feautured in the area's local media.  

On July 8, Economic Development Manager Jason Felix and Chief Administrative Officer Marshalina Reader were featured on the radio program, "Northwest Monitor".  To hear what they had to say listen to the audio broadcast.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) also featured an article on their website about  Ignace's new strategic brand: Explore Our Possibilities.  To read the full article, click here.



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The Township of Ignace is in the process of updating and expanding its Animal Control By-Law. As part of this update the Township is ready and wishes to receive input from its ratepayers. The first step being taken to achieve this is the preparation and circulation of a Community Survey.

Please review the Draft Animal Control By-Law and complete the Animal Control Community Survey.

Survey closes on Friday 27th July, 2018 at 4:30 pm


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Concerning a Proposed Community Improvement Project Area and Community Improvement Plan

TAKE NOTICE that, in accordance with Section 28 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, as amended, the Township of Ignace will hold a Public Meeting on August 13th 2018, at 6pm at the Silver Tops Senior Center, to consider a Community Improvement Project Area and Community Improvement Plan (CIP).

pdfDraft CIP can be downloaded here.

THE PURPOSE AND EFFECT of the proposed Community Improvement Plan is to support and promote the continued revitalization, redevelopment, and enhancement of the Township of Ignace. The proposed Community Improvement Project Area and CIP will provide a set of incentive programs to support this growth and development for the Township of Ignace.

THE SUBJECT LANDS encompass the entire Settlement Area of the Township of Ignace, as identified in the Official Plan for the Township of Ignace, as indicated in the key map. The CIP document is available for review at, and in hard copy at the Township Municipal Office (34 Main Street), and Ignace Public Library (36 Main Street).

ANY PERSON may attend the Public Meeting and/or make written or verbal representation either in support of or in opposition to the proposed Community Improvement Project Area and CIP.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about this matter, including information about appeal rights, contact Melissa McDonald, Planner, Township of Ignace (contact information below).

Additional information may be obtained between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays at the Township’s Municipal Office or by contacting:

Melissa McDonald
Township of Ignace
34 Main Street
Ignace, ON   P0T 1T0


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dated at the Township of Ignace this 9th day of July, 2018

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Ignace is rolling out the welcome mat for investors.

The northwestern Ontario forestry town is set to unveil a promotional campaign and community readiness strategy on June 14 to showcase the new approach it’s taking toward future development that officials believe is surely coming their way.

Branding the event as “Explore our possibilities and celebrate our success,” the township is providing a slew of incentives to attract people and business, and offer a glimpse of the economic prospects in the hopper for the Trans-Canada Highway community, about a three-hour drive west of Thunder Bay.

Read the full article in Northern Ontario Business

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The Corporation of the Township of Ignace will like to take this opportunity to thank all residents, community organisations, business owners and Council members who attended and actively participated in the Public Meeting and the two Brand Visioning Sessions that were held on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th, January, 2018 at the Ignace Silver Tops Senior Centre.  The level of participation was a clear indication of the community’s enthusiasm and commitment to positive change and a brighter future.

These sentiments were shared by Mayor Lee Kennard who expressed “On the behalf of Council, I will like to thank everyone for participating in the series of public consultations we had. It’s good to see that everyone is interested in the future of our community. I applaud everyone for the level of commitment shown and I look forward to us working together as we move forward into the future. Council remains committed to doing everything necessary to achieve economic growth and development”.

The primary goal of these forums was to give the general public a clear insight into the proposed plans geared towards community improvement and the realization of sustained and long term economic development. “As we seek to accomplish economic growth and development, the involvement of every community member is pivotal to our success. In other words, people have to be the center of our strategic development process. As such, a platform was created for all residents to contribute to the first steps of cultivating a brand that not only captures the true essence of Ignace, but resonates within the entire community.” said Jason Felix, Economic Development Manager. 

“I am pleased to see the vision Ignace has in rebranding our community.  The turn out and community involvement in this effort was very encouraging.   It is time for our community to prepare itself for new investment and to position itself as a place where people live to enjoy a lifestyle not found in a big city” said Brad Greaves, Chairman, Ignace Area Business Association.

On Tuesday, 16th January, 2018, presentations were made by the heads of the Public Works, Administrative and Economic Development departments. Lynda Colby gave an overview of the town’s infrastructural updates which consisted of a leakage update, an outline of infrastructural assets, rehabilitation initiatives and the water meter project, in addition to a summary of the upcoming potential capital project. Marshalina Reader discussed municipal operations and highlighted administration’s vision, mission and core values, as well as the pillars of commitment that are expected to drive the corporate strategy and facilitate the achievement of critical success factors. Jason Felix introduced the varying facets surrounding the Community Investment Readiness and Capacity Building Master Plan which aims to revolutionize the long-term future of Ignace. The meeting was concluded with a question and answer session, where all in attendance were given the opportunity to connect with Council and departmental managers, voice their opinions and gain clarity on a range of issues.

Pointing out the significance of the sessions, Marsha Reader noted, “Economic development has been defined as a tool that contributes to, and often times, shapes the quality of life for people in their communities.  That is just what these past two days have been about: hearing, learning and gaining an understanding as to how our community members define their chosen or desired quality of life.  Administration is committed to employing the skills, talents and abilities of all people who call Ignace home. For this, our most important asset, is far too often undervalued and overlooked”.

The Brand Visioning sessions held on Wednesday, 17th January, 2018 at 3:00 pm-5:00 pm and 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm, led by Tom Graham, from TD Graham and Associates, was an engaging process, where everyone was encouraged throughout the sessions to make an input by expressing their views, opinions, concerns and ideas as well as answer an array of brand specific questions.

"We’ve worked with many communities, including several in the North”, said Tom Graham, economic development marketing consultant. “We were very impressed to see so many caring, positive citizens turn out for the public meetings to share their ideas. The people in Ignace are amazing: passionate and enthusiastic. We look forward to helping Ignace realize its vision and potential.”

As the Township seeks to achieve long term growth and sustainability the importance of public input cannot be overemphasized. Judging from the feedback received, it is safe to say that the Township is moving in the right direction. “As a new team member, I have received a warm welcome from the residents of Ignace and already I feel like it’s home. I am truly excited to be part of such a ground-breaking experience. Without a doubt this team is passionate and unified in our approaches and the wellbeing of the entire community is at the very core and heart of all of the Township’s strategies. Ignace is definitely going in the right direction and I anticipate only bigger and better things to come.” Leisel Edwards, Economic Development Project Coordinator.

Quick Facts:

  • The Township of Ignace is moving towards a strategic and comprehensive planning approach across all departments.
  • As the Township moves forward with the implementation of its comprehensive planning, public consultation will be the new norm.
  • On January 16th and 17th, the public was invited to share their voice in shaping the future of Ignace.
  • TD Graham and Associates is assisting the Town with the development of a new brand and website.
  • The Township continues to welcome feedback from the community through an online survey which can be accessed through the following link Please note that the closing date to provide feedback is February 2nd, 2018.
  • Individuals are encouraged to visit the Township’s website and Facebook page for future updates.
  • For more information feel free to contact the Township’s office at 1-807-934-2202.

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Purchases can be made at this location during regular business hours (cash purchase only, debit or credit not available)

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