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Township of Ignace Community Strategy-  2019-2024

(Economic Development Strategy and Tourism Development Strategy)

The Township of Ignace is in a stage of transition. Having gone through difficult economic times and declining population, community is now focused on strengthening its local economy through strategic approaches aimed at building the right capacity to accommodate the right type of investments as it positions itself for long term sustainable growth and development.

There are future opportunities on the horizon for Ignace including potentially significant projects such as: the ‘Ring of Fire’ development, and the long-term management of used nuclear fuel project through the Nuclear Waste Management Organization. Ignace should be able to capitalize on both of these initiatives as Highway 599 is being touted as the best access route to support the transport needs for said projects, and all traffic flow to and from would be required to travel through Ignace. Even it these opportunities do not materialize the community still needs to set in place actions to make Ignace a dynamic, thriving community.

Because of the need to be prepared for these strategic projects, Ignace has taken a proactive approach to ensure that the community is ready for investment and is currently working through their Community Investment Readiness and Capacity Building Master Plan with the mission to prepare for its long-term future. Within this framework it was established that the community requires an Economic Development and Tourism Strategy. Upon further discussion it was determined that there was a need for a 5-Year Township of Ignace Community Strategy which incorporated the Economic Development and Tourism Development strategies. This overall strategy is built on previous studies and continue to provide a roadmap for sustainable growth and prosperity for the Township by focusing on four pillars: Community Development; Economic Development; Tourism Development; and, Marketing and Communications.

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