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Trail Etiquette

The Township of Ignace encourages all users to follow some basic tips when using our trails.

  • Share the trail
  • Be prepared and stay within skill level
  • Always announce your intent to pass and allow others to pass safely
  • Respect the sound of nature. Avoid loud voices and noises such as mobile phones and radios
  • Use only marked trails and follow the signs
  • Do not trespass on private land
  • Stay on the trails to avoid damaging nearby vegetation
  • Leave plants and small creatures in their natural habitats
  • Do not remove or damage artifcats
  • Fires are not permitted along trails, except in approved camp sites
  • Use waste receptacles or carry your litter home
  • Respect the privacy of people living adjacent to trails
  • Keep your pet on a leash
  • Pick up after your dog

Your co-operation will help protect our trails and improve everyone's experiences there.