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Sunday, 04 March 2018 14:28


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Ignace is fortunate enough to have two pristine swimming beaches with change rooms, picnic pavilions, and playground areas available.

parks-west-beach-1West Beach

This beach has docks that separate the different depths of water and is ideal for children of all ages. An enclosed swimming area provides increased supervision for young swimmers.

parks-agimac-beach-2Agimak Beach

This beach is shallow but gets deeper the further out you go. Picnic at the pavilion or have fun on the swing sets.

Sunday, 04 March 2018 14:28


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Sunday, 04 March 2018 14:28

Skiing and Snowshoeing

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Skiing and Snowshoeing

Sunday, 04 March 2018 14:28

Hiking Trails

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Trail Etiquette

The Township of Ignace encourages all users to follow some basic tips when using our trails.

  • Share the trail
  • Be prepared and stay within skill level
  • Always announce your intent to pass and allow others to pass safely
  • Respect the sound of nature. Avoid loud voices and noises such as mobile phones and radios
  • Use only marked trails and follow the signs
  • Do not trespass on private land
  • Stay on the trails to avoid damaging nearby vegetation
  • Leave plants and small creatures in their natural habitats
  • Do not remove or damage artifcats
  • Fires are not permitted along trails, except in approved camp sites
  • Use waste receptacles or carry your litter home
  • Respect the privacy of people living adjacent to trails
  • Keep your pet on a leash
  • Pick up after your dog

Your co-operation will help protect our trails and improve everyone's experiences there.


Sunday, 04 March 2018 14:27


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Experience the beauty of Ignace by water. As you canoe, enjoy the tranquility of our lakes and the natural surroundings that will surely take your breath away.

Prime canoeing locations, destinations and routes:

  • Canoe Gulliver River or Agimak River
  • Canoe to White Otter Castle
  • Rent a canoe at Sandbar Park to paddle in Sandbar Lake
  • At 160 km Sandbar-Press Lake canoe loop (9-12 days), you will be sure to see aboriginal rock paintings.
  • Canoe route 79 (4-5 days) takes you through some of the greatest fishing lakes in Northern Ontario.

Canoeing Water Safety Rules

  • Life jackets or personal floatation devices must be worn by all persons while on the water. Make sure yours fits well and it is fastened properly.
  • Always stay seated while in a boat or canoe.
  • If a thunderstorm or lightning approaches, leave the water immediately.
  • No “horseplay” in any water craft.
  • Weight and capacity restrictions on all water craft must be adhered to.
  • Fishing from pedal boats is prohibited.
  • Canoeing is recommended during daytime hours of operation only.
Sunday, 04 March 2018 14:27

ATVing (‘Quading’)

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Monday, 08 January 2018 13:37


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Golf and Country Club

The Golf & Country Club has an attractive nine-hole golf course, resting area, and clubhouse open during the summertime for everyone's enjoyment. This space is ideal for weddings, graduations or any special event.

For more information or to book a tee time, please call 807-934-6871

For event information, please contact Victor Chassie at 807-936-0019

For building maintenance, please contact the Township of Ignace Public Works Department -  807-220-0888.


Monday - Sunday - 11am to 7pm
(or call 24 hours ahead to book an earlier tee time)

Members Price List (price list does NOT include HST)
2022 Price List

Adult - $525.00
Adult Spousal - $900.00
Senior 50+ - $500.00
Senior Spousal - $840.00
Student 19+ - $380.00
Junior (18 yrs and under) - $190.00
10 pass - $270.00

Gas Cart Storage - $85.00
Electric Cart Storage - $130.00

Green Fees

9 Holes - $30.00
18 Holes - $40.00
9 Holes (Kids 10-17yrs) - $13.28
KIDS (under 10) - FREE


Cart Rental (9 Holes) - $30.00
Cart Rental (18 Holes) - 40.00
Daily Cart Drop Fee - $8.87
Club Rentals - $8.87
Pull Cart Rentals - $4.42

Popular Tournaments/ Events

  • Founder Tournament
  • Fathers’ Day Breakfast
  • Men’s Open
  • Senior Men’s Tournament
  • Ladies’ Open
  • Tamarack Tournament
  • Legion Tournament
  • Geno Tournament
  • Men’s Wind-up
  • Ladies Wind-up
  • Golf and Ghouls


Monday, 08 January 2018 13:37

White Otter Castle

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white-otter-castleWhite Otter Castle

This elaborate three-storey log home was built in the early 1900’s. James A. McOuat, a lone trapper but one with many friends in Ignace, built his home out of large red pine logs some weighing 1600 pounds. “I put it up without any help whatever," Jimmy said back in 1914. He used a block and tackle method to raise these logs to their place. He was told back when he lived in the Ottawa Valley “ye’ll never do no good, ye’ll die in a shack”. Taking these sayings to heart he decided to build himself a castle.

The Castle was finished in 1914 with the four storey tower and hip roof covered in tar paper. Unfortunately Jimmy died in the fall of 1918 and his body was discovered the following spring by forest rangers. His grave remains at the castle to this day. The decaying castle was renovated by “Friends of White Otter Castle” and is still maintained today.

It can be accessed by float plane or canoe in the summer and by snowmobile in the winter. It is approximately a 40 km trip by canoe and portage starting right in the town of Ignace. When starting a trip from Agimak Lake in Ignace there are 15 portages to White Otter Lake. Maps of the canoe route can be picked up for free at the Tourist Information Centre and Township of Ignace Office, 34 Highway 17 West, Ignace, Ontario.

Monday, 08 January 2018 13:36

Blueberry Picking

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Blueberry Picking

Almost every person who grew up in the Ignace area has picked fresh wild blueberries. The boreal forest produces some of the sweetest berries in the world. These antioxidant rich berries when picked and cleaned sell for a good price and are highly sought after by visitors and travelers. The picking season usually lasts from the beginning of July to the end of August. The best place to find these berries is in harvested forest sites accessible by logging roads. Added to this, just north of Sandbar Lake Provincial Park is a landscape dominated by boulders, an area that is surrounded by blueberries and some roadside raspberries.

Before venturing out for berries, it is advisable to become bearwise. Blueberry patches are a good place to encounter bears as they consume hundreds of pounds of blueberries late in the summer to store fat for the winter. While these animals are generally non-threatening, they are also known to be extremely dangerous.

Bear eating blueberriesBlack bear enjoying a blueberry patch. Photo by Joe Lecuyer

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