Message from Robert Berube Fire Chief/CEMC - COVID-19 Virus

Thursday, 19 March 2020

To the Citizens of Ignace

I would like to inform all citizens of Ignace that the Township of Ignace is doing its part to ensure that necessary steps are being taken to help protect our community.

The Township of Ignace and relevant community stakeholders have initiated Emergency Operations Group meetings to discuss actions being taken at the community level. As you are likely aware, the province of Ontario has declared a state of emergency to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The Township of Ignace will continue to meet with stakeholders regularly as the situation related to COVID-19 continues to change.

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our community. It is our hope that community citizens will follow the recommendations being released by health officials:

Essential services will continue to be offered in our community, however, some services may be offered a bit differently than usual. We’d like to encourage everyone to help protect the community members who work hard every day to deliver essential services to us all. Please follow the above recommendations to help keep yourself and our community safe.

We recognize that many of the changes/closures that are occurring may be inconvenient. Please remember that these measures are necessary to protect the health of our community.

If you have any questions about COVID-19, please call Northwestern Health Unit’s COVID-19 hotline at 1-866-468-2240.

Thank you.
Fire Chief Berube

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