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Public Notice: Ministry of Natural Resources Agimak Dam Rehabilitation

Monday, 08 July 2024

Public Notices: Ministry of Natural Resources Agimak Dam Rehabilitation

  • From July 8th to August 31st,
  • Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations, and Management (AECOM) will carry out rehabilitation of the Agimak Lake Dam on behalf of the Ministry of Natural Resources.
  • This work will include removal and replacement of loose and/or deteriorated concrete, replacement of two aged retaining walls, securing of handrails, modification to security fencing, replacement or repair of the low flow valve, replacement of select aged stop logs, addition of closure plates to prevent fill loss, and installation of an automated water gauge.
  • During construction, the municipal lands immediately adjacent to the dam will be used as a staging area for materials and heavy equipment. Temporary fencing will be set up to ensure safety of the site while construction is underway and the public is kindly asked to avoid the area whenever possible. This important rehabilitation work will ensure the dam can safely operate for another half century.
  • If you have additional questions about this project, please call the local MNR Office at 807-934-2233.  Thank you.
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