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Tuesday, 18 June 2024 12:06

Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative Officer


The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is the administrative head of the Township of Ignace and, as such, must ensure that the Township’s policies and programs are duly implemented. The CAO is responsible for advising and informing the Council on the operation and affairs of the Township, performing the duties and functions and exercising the powers assigned to them by the Council and the Ontario Municipal Act. The CAO is the Council’s sole employee.


  • Excellent communications skills

  • Strong leadership qualities

  • Team player

  • Excels at solution-based problem-solving

  • High moral integrity and work ethic

  • Innovative thinker

  • Political acuity

  • Budgetary and financial accountability

  • Negotiator, mediator, mentor

  • Organizer

  • Strategic planner


  • Post-secondary degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Planning, Engineering and/or a minimum of five years of senior administrative experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience in a municipal environment.

  • Participation in, or completion of, the Certified Local Government Management Program or equivalent.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of the Municipal Act of Ontario and related statutes.

  • Committed to a safe and healthy workplace with proven human resources competency and clear understanding of the requirements of the Ontario Occupational Health Act & associated regulations.

  • Ability to provide strong futuristic leadership with a strong belief in delegating authority and responsibility.

  • Strong management, analytical and interpersonal skills with the ability to use tact, diplomacy, and mature judgment.

  • Invested in and involved in the success of the community.

  • Proven ability to cultivate effective working relationships with other employees,

    elected officials and the general public.

  • Valid class “G” Ontario Drivers Licence.

  • Any additional leadership, public services, or business administration training is considered an asset.


  • Promote Ignace’s Mission and values especially in regard to Township’s pledge to build capability and capacity.

  • Guide Council and leads staff in achieving the success and sustainability of the municipality.

  • Educating residents of Ignace to further innovation in the community

  • Responsible for overseeing all Nuclear Waste Management Organization

    (NWMO) agreements and relations.

  • Oversee managing all municipal staff, and directly supervising municipal staff within their purview.

  • Responsible for hiring and terminating employees as the CAO is the sole authority with this power.

  • Oversees the contracts for water and sewer supplied by Northern Waterworks.

  • Prepares annual budget in cooperation with the Treasurer, controls expenditures, optimizes various revenue sources and ensures cost-effective operations are implemented and maximized.

  • Responsible for overseeing the Clerk’s administration of municipal elections in accordance with the Elections Act.

  • Attends and participates in Management, Council and Committee meetings as required.

  • Collaborates with regional partners, including but not limited to Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation.

  • Ensures proper and effective staffing through recruitment, selection, learning and development processes, and performance management.

  • Liaises with stakeholders in the municipal, provincial, and federal governments.

  • Responsible for performance management reviews for all employees annually or more often as required.


  • Promotes the Township’s Mission and Values.

  • Inspire all employees to work as a team and maximise all talents and competencies in staff to the greatest potential to create a productive, efficient workplace.

  • Maintains a high profile and public relations function in the community and province.

  • Cultivates economic prosperity by building a strong foundation to support sustainable growth.

  • Strategically plans sustainable infrastructure and services.

  • Develops organizational capacity and maintains fiscal responsibility.

  • Fosters innovative learning opportunities in the community for youth and adults.

  • Participates in Corporate Planning and Policy Development as a member of the Corporate Leadership Team.

  • Establishes and maintains an effective working relationship with staff, administration, members of the Council, and the public.

  • Undertakes strategic and business planning initiatives and other studies to improve organizational efficiency and productivity as required.

  • Maintains constant awareness of new trends and developments in the municipal leadership field.

  • Ensures workplace health & safety and performs two recorded inspections annually.

  • Completes general administrative (special) projects as assigned by the Council.


8:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Thursday
8:00am to 3:00pm Friday


$161,000.00 to $181,000.00


PUBLIC STATEMENT – The Township of Ignace

On April 29, 2024, a draft agreement appeared publicly on the upcoming agenda released by the Municipality of South Bruce, for their Council’s consideration and signing for their upcoming May 1, 2024, Special Meeting. The agreement was received earlier that morning and briefly analyzed by Township of Ignace Council, staff, and advisors. 

At first glance, the Municipality of South Bruce agreement seems to be more than double that of the Township of Ignace, but once you begin to conduct a simple per capita amount analysis of their agreement based on their population base, housing/homes, location of the proposed DGR including taxation factors, it is a much different picture. “That said, we are very different communities with unique characteristics and goals, and we, in Ignace remain proud and steadfast to have been the first community in this willingness process to be out of the gate with the NWMO by signing our hosting agreement in March 2024”, stated Mayor Kim Baigrie.

The South Bruce agreement includes base factors such as population figures - which are five times that of Ignace (5600 vs 1200) and the number of homes/housings that is almost four times greater (2381 vs 644) than Ignace and include the direct taxation amount of the DGR which is located within their municipal boundaries.  When this significant amount is deducted from the proposed DGR (25%) because it is situated within the boundaries of their community and includes two other villages and you conduct the calculation on a per capita basis, the Township of Ignace corrected amount far exceeds that of South Bruce ($150k vs $56k). 

Another important factor to consider is the after the site operations are closed, a monitoring phase begins which, in South Bruce includes calculations for revenue for the community for up to 138 years, as the property tax/special facility payment will be continued to be paid to the Municipality of South Bruce.

The following chart provides a brief summary of the per capita analysis for both communities:

Base Comparatives:IgnaceSouth Bruce
Hosting Benefit $170,000,000.00 $418,000,000.00
Population * 1206 5639
Area (sqm) 71 188
Housing units 644 2381
Benefit per capita $145,000.00 $74,000.00;
Corrected benefit $150,000.00 ** $56,000.00 ***

*Population based on 2016 census for Ignace and 2016 census for South Bruce

**Corrected benefit for Ignace is the potential of a ten million payment available in the agreement and the 500k for willingness potential added to the hosting benefit for Ignace

***Corrected benefit for South Bruce is the 25% direct taxation subtracted from the hosting benefit which runs until year 138.

“Regardless, of our analysis, when we began negotiations with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, we were advised that each and every potential hosting agreement would be negotiated in good faith, with the community’s best interest as a guiding principle and as such would all be different based on the fact that all  four of  the communities/areas remaining in this process have very unique circumstances, and as the first community to have set the bar, we remain proud of the potential hosting agreement for the benefit of all in Ignace”, stated Mayor Baigrie.

“It is important to remember that each community we are negotiating an agreement with for the potential siting of the deep geological repository, has extremely unique circumstances and variable factors including population, housing needs and whether the potential site is within municipal boundaries or not. These are all factors that we needed to consider moving forward in that community’s proposed draft agreement”, stated Lise Morton, Vice President of Site Selection, NWMO.

Mayor and Council for the Township of Ignace would like to remind its residents that If you have not already registered and voiced your vote With Chela Inc., please do so until midnight tonight.

Approximately 40 Exhibits, Panelists and Nuclear Industry representatives from all of over Canada set to descend in Ignace, ON on April 12th and 13th, 2024!

The Township of Ignace Mayor and Council, event planning personnel and Township staff, including members of the Willingness Ad Hoc Committee have been diligently preparing to host the most important Northwestern Ontario Nuclear Exploration Event yet.  The event is set to take place on April 12th and 13th, 2024 at the Ignace Recreational Centre, with a special smudging ceremony and prayer from Donna Chief, Wabigoon Lake Ojibway First Nation at 10 am.

“We are so excited to once again be hosting this important, learning, and educational event for our residents, surrounding municipalities, our First Nation neighbours, local students and regional partners and stakeholders.  We are stressing that all our greater community comes out and has an opportunity to ask questions about our recently signed potential hosting agreement, our recent tours, and meetings with industry partners across Canada, First Nation, and other community meetings we have attended around Canada and the world, including Finland.  We have Canadian representatives that are ready to tell their stories and we are so pleased that we have over 40 exhibits who will be on the ground and providing factual and critical information about the nuclear industry, safety in transportation, this proposed deep geological repository and the opportunities that are associated with it”, stated Mayor Kim Baigrie.  “But we don’t stop there, we also have invited those who are presenting the potential challenges of this project, and their voice must also be heard”, the Mayor went on to state.

On March 18th,2024 Mayor and Council passed a unanimous resolution to sign an historic potential hosting agreement with the NWMO. The signing of this historic agreement allowed the Township, the Willingness Ad Hoc Committee, its residents, stakeholders, and other interested parties to consider the legal, financial, and regulatory implications as critical data points in moving forward with the willingness process and the determination of a final decision by Council in mid 2024.  This agreement and the Ignace Community Well Being Studies become very important resources for both the residents and Council in the community moving forward. Representatives of the Township and NWMO will be on hand to answer questions about that agreement and share summaries with the residents of Ignace.  The agreement in its entirety, a summary of the agreement, the Township resolutions and other information are all posted on the Township website.

The Northwestern Nuclear Exploration Event will also be an important opportunity resident within the community to continue to stay engaged with the willingness process currently underway in the Township of Ignace.  With Chela Inc., the municipal engagement consultants, advisors and peer review experts for the study and Willingness Ad Hoc Committee members will all be represented and in attendance.  With Chela Inc. will also be registering residents for confidential interviews, and the community will be able to ask questions about the methodology and hear about the progress of the study.

Mayor Kim Baigrie will be hosting a special PANCAKE Breakfast on Saturday April 13th at 9:00 am in the Kid’s Zone with Mayor Blair Skinner (Pinawa, Manitoba) and Mayor Adrian Foster (Clarington, Ontario) both members of the Canadian Association of Nuclear Host Communities.  The breakfast will be sponsored by the Township of Ignace, and everyone is invited to come free of charge.  Organizers are asking those attending that, if they are able to, please bring and donate a dry good for the local Mary Berglund Food Bank. It would be very much appreciated.

Friday, 29 March 2024 09:55

NNEE 2024 Exhibitors List

Tuesday, 19 March 2024 12:59

Willingness/DGR Process


Willingness Decision

RESOLUTION - MOTION #2024.03.08.054

THAT, The Corporation of the Township of Ignace wishes to formally enter into an Agreement with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) for the potential to become one of the host communities for the sitting of a deep geological repostitory near Ignace and to be located on the traditional territory of the Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation.

View the Resolution

Hosting Agreement Summary, March 2024

The purpose of this summary is for information purposes only and does not constitute part of the actual Hosting Agreement. This summary is not legal advice. The reader is strongly encouraged to read the Hosting Agreement in its totality to understand the context of the representations listed in this summary. Furthermore, if there is any information in this summary that is inconsistent with the wording of the Hosting Agreement, the wording of the Hosting Agreement shall prevail.

Read the Summary

Signed Hosting Agreement between Township of Ignace and NWMO, March 2024

Read the full Agreement

Northwest Nuclear Exploration Event

April 12-13, 2024

The Township of Ignace is invited communities across the Northwestern Ontario area to learn more about the nuclear industry and the deep geological repository project near the Revell batholith.

View the list of events and exhibitors that participated in the event.




Monday, 11 March 2024 17:15

Regular Council Meeting Rescheduled

The Regular Meeting of Council originally set for Monday, March 18th has been rescheduled to Monday, March 25th @ 6:00 p.m.

Thursday, 18 January 2024 15:36

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Please note that this year’s Christmas Parade and Christmas Tree Lighting that was originally scheduled for December 2, 2023 within the Township has been postponed due to some unforeseen circumstances. Please accept our sincere apologies.

The new proposed date of this event is now December 20, 2023 and the Township of Ignace will continue to provide updates on this new date throughout the month of December.

Once again, our apologies for the delay and we hope that this has not caused any inconvenience.

Thank you.

Thursday, 02 November 2023 15:15

Pine Street Culvert Update for the Community

Township Council is pleased to provide an update and some photos of the Pine Street Culvert Project. The contractor has now removed the old culverts and the new culverts have been installed successfully.

Water is now flowing through the culverts as the temporary diversion channel and coffer dams have all been removed. The road subgrade has been brought up to paving elevations.

Guide rail installation will take place early next week. The contractors are replacing a section of the water main that had to be removed during the construction phase and before the roadway could be reopened to vehicular traffic.

There will be directional drilling equipment on site in the next week or two to complete this scope of work. After the watermain has been installed, the roadway will be open for vehicular traffic to travel across the river.

The contractor will confirm drilling dates with JML Engineering, however a conservative estimate for the end of this year’s work would be the week of November 27, 2023.

Paving and concrete work is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2024.

We want to thank all of our residents in the Township of Ignace for their patience and ongoing support of our community projects.

Township Interim Mayor and Council

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